History of the House

Originally called Villa Ada, from the name of the owner, the noble Ada Morpurgo who had made it a meeting point for high-ranking people, culturally prepared in the field of music and classical dance. In the beautiful building, which with its enchanting turrets and the dominant position on the sea reminds of the structure of a castle, programs with instrumental performances and chamber orchestras were frequent, welcomed in the so-called beautiful rooms intended for receptions and pomp of the time.

In the fifties, after a period of decline of the place, the castle was acquired by the Congregation of the Poor Daughters of Mary Most Holy Crowned Perpetual Adorers of the Sacred Heart of Jesus who found in this place a spacious and healthy environment in which to welcome children in situations physical and family precariousness throughout the year, but especially in the summer seasons, when the beneficial effects of the climate and the sea are even stronger.

Until the 1970s, numerous colonies that welcomed children from both the Milanese hinterland and neighboring regions stayed, laughed and played in the castle rooms. Subsequently, following the directives of the regional regulations, imposed by the Ligurian Riviera and after an internal restructuring, the structure assumed the name of Casa al Mare dell'Incoronata. By choosing this name, we intentionally wanted to maintain the specificity of the place, where the Religious work there with a simple, hospitable, open, welcoming presence, according to the welcoming style that distinguishes them.