The founder of the religious community of the “Povere Figlie di Maria Santissima Incoronata, Adoratrici Perpetue del Sacro Cuore di Gesù"

Fardella was born on May 24, 1867 in New York, to a Sicilian father and an Irish mother, both of noble ancestry, but quickly reduced to poverty. Returning to Trapani, the original city of her father, she lost her mother when she was eleven years old; she was then placed in boarding school. When she left, at sixteen, she was already considered of marriageable age: her father, in fact, forced her to marry an officer, Raffaele de Blasi, who followed in all the movements due to the military life. Wherever he went, he tried to collect children and adolescents, otherwise forced to live in the streets.

In 1896 he arrived in Mantua, where he founded the Povera Casa di San Giuseppe. In 1902 he founded the new Institute of the Povere Figlie di Maria Santissima Incoronata, to direct that structure, but he had to return to Trapani with her husband. He mourned his death in 1937 and, since then, devoted himself even more intensely to his charitable works, which had also taken root in Sicily. He died in Trapani on 26 August 1957; shortly before, he had taken his vows in his Institute. On 8 November 2017, Pope Francesco authorized the promulgation of the decree declaring it Venerable. His body was transferred, ten years after his death, in the church dell'Addolorata in Trapani.

Our activities in the world

The spirituality handed down by the Mother Founder is Eucharistic-Marian. The spirit that animates each member is that of a harmonious synthesis between contemplation and action for an incisive evangelical witness. In fact, its specific, purely charitable purpose is especially oriented towards those in need of assistance and it is committed to welcoming in order to help the poor and the elderly, for their integral integration into the human and ecclesial community. Dedication to the parish apostolate to the extent appropriate to the charism and missionary apostolate in foreign countries. The activity is always and everywhere fed and supported by the active worship of SS. The Eucharist, maintained in force in every community, in different ways. There are numerous activities in Italy and in the world, especially in the poorest countries and areas.


In the capital Manila, the Congregation is responsible for the formation of girls who intend to undertake the religious path, catechesis in schools and the management of an orphanage for children from 0 to 6 years.


The community present in Kerala is committed to works of mercy towards families in difficulty by offering education and hospitality through nursery schools and orphanages.


A hospital and a kindergarten are at the centre of the congregation’s activity in Africa. The congregation constitutes an active presence in the community by bringing the religious word and communion to the elderly and to those who cannot move.


The service in Italy is carried out towards children and the elderly, with crèches and retirement homes that integrate faith in the creation of communities.